Tire question

I am a newbie, please be gentle with me…

Is a smooth tire easier to ride than a treaded tire?

I have an origional 20" Schwinn and I am riding in my concrete driveway and the asphalt street. (pretty smooth surfaces )

my origional tire is getting fairly worn out, so I wish to order a MAXXIS hookworm 20 x 1.95"

the origional Schwinn tire is near the bottom of the page & the hookworm is near the middle of the page.



Knobby treads on pavement is not too pleasant. The smooth road tire will suit you better for that kind of surface. I didn’t think that the Hookworm had very aggressive tread and would probably be OK on pavement, just not as good.

When you said “just not as good”, just not as good as what?

Do you think a “street slick” would be best? ( available in a 20 x 2.10 size)
I wonder if a wider tire is an advantage ? (origional is a 20 x 1.75 size)



I just got a Nimbus X which comes with a Hookworm tire. I wasn’t sure about the Hookworm from the photos, I was afraid it might not be good for pavement. I was wrong…it is dreamysmooth, a new word I think.

Just so you know, my only other experience with uni tires was with a Miyata about 20 years ago. As I remember the tread on it wasn’t too different from the Schwinn. It was smooth, but my memory isn’t sharp enough to know if it was dreamysmooth.

Just putting in a vote for the Hookworm, I know my experience is limited and our unis aren’t the same. Its tread isn’t at all knobby. I may be able to get a better photo of the tread if you’d like. Let us know what you go with and what you think of the results.


Are you sure the Hookworm will fit the Schwinn wheel?


Hookworm is a 1.95" tire.
Origional tire is 1.75"
Is that enough to matter?
Why wouldn’t it fit my wheel?



I just remember reading in a few places here about how a 1 3/4 tire is not the same as a 1.75 tire and that they are not interchangeable on a Schwinn. I’m not sure if a 1.95 tire would work or not. I just didn’t want anyone going out and buying a $30-$40 tire based on my recommendation alone! More experienced folks please chime in.


Zogola is right.

If you have an old schwinn with a 20x1 3/4 tire the 20x1.75 or 20x1.95 tire won’t fit on the rim.

20x1 3/4 tires fit 419mm rims
and 20x1.75 & 20x1.95 tires fit 406mm rims.


If you can try out someone else’s more knobby tire, it might be worth trying… There is some personal preference when it comes to tires. I found my first muni really hard to ride after a smooth standard 24" tire on my beginner uni, but my wife swears that a knobby is easier for her to ride. She’s a beginner, getting back into riding after a knee injury and pregnancy. She also has a Schwinn, and changed the normal virtually non-treaded stock tire for a Maxxis Max Daddy 20x2.0, and she loves it :slight_smile:

Edit: Just looked and she had the newer whitewall tire, not the Kenda… You may be SOL with other tires if it truly was a proprietary size like UDC says…

Seems the 1 3/4" and the 1 3/8" tires have special rims, all other tire sizes use normal sized rims.
(these are old outdated tires with old outdated rims to match)

In my case I have 1.75" tire, so I can use many tires on my rim.


Maxx daddys are awesome tires, and come in several widths. My experience has been that they ride w/ considerably less drag than most knobbys if the pressure is about what you’d run a slick, or regular bike tire at.

Unfortunately, the old schwinns have a rim that is not compatible w/ modern tires, only the tires produced specifically for them. The newer schwinns (80’s and up? Or maybe it was more recent than that) have a standard 20" rim.