tire question

how bout someone posting the different psi’s for each type of riding ie trials,freestyle you get what i mean.some of the trials videos i’ve seen the tires look almost flat.just curious.thanks

Short answer = PSI is all prefrence.

Long answer = There is no correct answer as there are so many variables. The best to directly answer is a general feeling of the tire. Like for trial, street, and muni, most riders like a softer, bouncy tire to absorb drops, roots, and ahve compression fro their jumps. Freestyle riders like their tires hard and that causes a smaller footprint of the tire, and less friction results in a smoother more responsive ride.

But, you have to factor how you ride. Do you land soft and rollout of your drops, or do you smash down hard into the ground with no rollout? Are you small, big, light or heavy? Its going to depend on you, how you ride, and your uni.

the psi rating on my 19" nimbus trials says 35-50 i’m short 5’2" and light 125 with gear on and as for drops and such haven’t got there yet.

yes, that tyre was designed for a bike, the pressure rating on it is more or less irrelevant.

Pressure required depends on weight, rim, tyre, terrain and form for any type of riding. For both trials and muni i would reccomend starting at 35 psi and dropping it down in increments until you experience problems with hitting the rim or wall folding, then you know you’ve gone slightly too far and need to bring it back up a little. From there it’s all about experimenting and fine tuning to get it perfect for you and your riding.