Tire pressure

What is a good starting tire pressure for muni riding on a 24" x 3.0
Wildfire tire. Just ride the trails. Nothing fancy.

Also have a 20" Creepy Crawler. Same question.

I think that my 20" creepy crawler is at around 20-something… Im not sure though :smiley:

ride where you dont bottom out on drops. I have mine at somewhere mid high 20s. But im a small guy and i dont do big drops. So just experiment. You will know when you get it right

I like to run my KH24 at around 20 psi for general trail riding. I reduce this to 15 psi if the terrain is rough, since it smooths out the bumps. I weigh around 160lbs., so adjust up or down accordingly.

I recommend trying out a few pressure settings and stick with what feels right.


I run my 24 x 3.0 Duro tire on my KH 24 around 15-17 psi. I weigh 155 lbs.