tire pressure

hey just wondering wut my tire pressure for trial or street should be. :thinking:

start at 30
let a little out at a time until you let out too much, put a little more air in, find your PSI, remember it,
figure it out for yourself, nooone can do it for you or tell you how to do it

that is assuming you have a trials tire, i rode 40 in a BMX tire and that was too little pressure quite often

yea well i have a torker lx 20 and that is awesome advise…thanx man

A torker lx doesnt have a trials tire so you might want it higher than 30. I had my lx at 20-25 and it was great but that might have just been me.

that was just you tim. start at least 25 and go from their

yea i guess every one is different…thanx

depends, me with my trials wheel, at about 20psi i can 360 a 4 set easy, but with about 25-30 i cant at all, so the idea is to start somewhere then take air out untill on your biggest move you just touch the rim, then add a few psi, well that works for me anyway.