Tire pressure

I was wondering what the tire pressure on a MUni should be in a twenty inch tire… or does it matter

Well it depends on the tire and rim you have, and how much you weigh.

It should always be at least high enough so that the tire doesnt fold over, or hit the rim (bottoming out)

My brother has his tire pressure REALLY high. When I hopped on it it was like hopping with bricks on my feet. I could only hop like 2 inches. My tire (I keep wanting to say ‘‘tires’’) pressure is just right. It’s perfect for riding around and hopping.

So… I would say not to have it like a bike tire. Don’t fill it up as much as possible like you do with every other tire thing (cars, bikes, ect…).


This is really a personal preference thing.

I like my MUni tire to be firm enough that it is not squishy but not hard. :slight_smile:


I perfer mine around 35, because i think it helps with tricks, though that is prolly just me, most ppl my weight have it round 20 or so, i had it at 20 once, man you have high hops with something that bounces that much lol.