Tire Pressure???

I have a Torker Dx with a Creepy Crawler tire and was wondering if anyone has a good tire pressure they like for riding trials to get more bounce. The tire says minimum 35 psi and thats what I’ve been running. Can I go any lower than that without having to worry about pinching the tube or bending the rim? I weigh 120 pounds if that makes any difference in what pressure to use.

I’m a similar weight, 105 pounds and I run 25 for urban but 35 for natural.

thanks i will try 25 psi tomorrow.

It’s been overdone already…there are people (mornish) who ride with their tires at insanely low PSIs…the numbers 7 or 12 stick out in my head.

Of course, he only weighs like three pounds…so there you go.

25 seems like a reasonable pressure to me. I don’t think that would be to low for a 120 pound person.

I’m not 100% sure, but I have ridden mine from 25-45 PSI.

I weigh 150 pounds roughly.

I like the higher pressure for riding any distance at all, and lower for trials riding.

I haven’t done anything big really… I jumped down a 3 set (sidehop) with maybe 25 psi and I wasn’t even close to bottoming out.

I ride my torker DX, at 45 just to make it harder to jump so i can take it down one day and have huge hops lol.

ive never ridden it lower than 45.

i weight 123 so idk.

I cant remember where i read this, but i do 1 psi per 10 pounds. i weigh 145, so I run on about 14-15 ish psi


I weigh about 180 and run 19-20 on my 20"

you joking right

everyone I ride with rides 15-20. when i rode with a CC i rode with 20 psi and i weigh 150pounds. the only time that sticks out in my mind that i got a flat with that preassure is when I nailed the bottom corner of a 6 set

I weigh 176 pounds. I use a CC tire. I run it at 30psi.

Its all preference though. You gotta go out, and find the right pressure for you. The one that wont let you bottom out, and will still give you reasonable compression.

mines really flat at the mo. i jump and almost bottom out, but it makes 360 unispins sooo much easier

Mines at bout 14-16 psi and i’m 8 stone-ish i find its just about right for the compression and just right for not bottoming out, any higher and i would lose hop height any less and i would hit the rim everytime i hopped!
Its just a preference thing though, go with what feels right.


I tend towards 20-30 psi usually just pump it till it feels nice tho.

I think you should write in proper units, we North American’s have no damn clue what you’re saying.

I lowered it down to 20 psi and I can really feel the difference. Because of the tire compression I got about another 6 inches out of my hop! I might fine tune it a little more so that I can get it a little lower without bottoming out and hitting the rim. Thanks for all of the help!:slight_smile:

I am also about 120 lbs. and I ride mine at 23. I rode it for a couple of days at 30 or so and it lowered my hopping height alot. I will probably try it today a little lower though.

80 pounds, 12 PSI… yeah, I know… I weigh like nothing.

it is american, a stone is 20 lbs?

I weigh 140 and I ride w/ 25psi
it still bottoms out and folds…

Wiki to the rescue:

You’re 10 stone.