Tire Pressure

Is there any general tire pessure for freestyle unicycling or is it just prefrence?

I usually pump it to da max pressure listed on the tyre.


don’t people keep the pressure low to keep from slipping on gym floors?

Not that I know of.

If you are “slipping” resulting in wipeouts you are using the wrong tire, or your technique is wrong.

I’ve read freestyles use up to 90psi. But generally, don’t exceed max recommended pressure on your tire. A cheap rim may blow out as well.

Harder is around better for what little freestyle I have done, you want low pressure for trials and muni because the tire acts as suspension.

Only if they’re slipping. Generally a hard tire gives you better spinning and rolling. If you’re slipping around, it could be a wrong tire choice, or a dried-out tire. We have learned that UV rays break down tires, making them much more slippery on smooth surfaces. This can happen simply from keeping the unicycles in the back of the mini-van all the time. Even the best Freestyle tires will lose their grip over time.

My general rule of tire pressure, as it applies to almost everything:
Enough to keep your rim off the ground.

Adjust as necessary to insure that. For doing flatland tricks, generally the more air the better. On pavement this usually means a really hard tire, but for slippery floors it’s going to be a little less. The actual number is only useful in relation to your weight, tire size (width) and a few other factors.