Tire pressure

Well today was the first dry day so i decided to whip out the old uni and give it a go.

I started playing around with the tire pressure in my tire and its seemed like aorund 20 pound of pressure everyone else seems to have seems much to hard for me… maybe this is just a noob talking… so i keep let air out and when I found one the felt just right it clocked in at 10 pounds of pressure

my question is… is only 10 pp enough, or will this damage my uni in some way?



I guess it depends what sort of riding you are doing. I run my trials uni at 20-25 psi (I’m a little person :p). My freestyle/learners unicycle is at about 40 psi. I guess it just depends on personal preference, as I haven’t had any trouble with my trials, though it says to run it at 35-60 psi I think. I guess as long as you don’t flat spot your rim it should be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to keep any uni I use for freestyle at 80psi or above (100psi in my freestyle atm). I love doing spins and pirouettes and stuff like that though, and don’t do much hopping on the freestyle.

On my MUni, I’ve pretty much just added air until it no longer feels like I’m bottoming out on hops. I think it’s pretty close to the 35psi rated limit on the tire. Low tire pressure on narrow rims can lead to tire folding and pinch flats, both of which are annoying.

It should be okay so long as you don’t hit the rim when you hop or bounce or jump or anything else.

A soft tyre deadens the ride and makes steering squidgy. A hard tyre makes the ride jar, and gives you less margin for error on rough ground or obstacles.

As long as you don’t bottom out the rim then you will do no harm. I use finger and thumb to test the pressure of a tyre, rather than a gauge, then adjust it if the requirements of that ride appear to demand it.

i have my tire pressure at 18 or 20 pounds most of the tire, and it will bottom if i hop on skinny things with less area, but on flat ground its perfect. I just keep it there, cuz anymore pressure is to much.