Tire pressure...

A couple of weeks ago I started a thread about Muni tire pressure.
Recommended pressure on my tire is something around 24 to 36 psi. I
mentionned that I liked to ride it at ~24 and that my girlfriend had a
hard time when perssure was more than 18psi.

Yesterday, after a couple of weeks, we went out with our munis and had a
great time riding them. Everithing seemed easier ! Back home, I checked
the pressure and I had 18 psi while she had only 13 ! Tire is Gazz 24 x

Just thought this information could be helpful for some other people…



P.S. We didn’t ride with that pressure on rough terrain though. We just
did some urban freestyle stuff and some smooth off-raod…

wow,that is hardly anything,you two must be feather light.

Re: Tire pressure…

Respectively 155lbs and 123 lbs.

I did 4" to 6" vertical drops and did not notice anything wrong (no pinch
flat, etc.).


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> wow,that is hardly anything,you two must be feather
> light.
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