Tire pressure

I have a 24 inch Torker cx that requires 40 lbs of air. When I ride the tire seems flat so I put 45 and still looks and feels flat when riding. Is this normal?

Just put more air until it feels comfortable. All my tires feel way too flat at the low end of their PSI range.

You might compare your air pressure gage to another one. There’s a wide variation in any gages like that. Does it zero accurately? does the needle move freely? does the needle rub on the bezel or scale?

How much do you weigh and what is the maximum pressure allowed for the tire? For cruising around on a Torker CX, I think 40-45 sounds like plenty, but I am less than 150 pounds. If you are 200 pounds or more, then maybe you should put the maximum allowed pressure in that tire.

I weigh 160. Thanks for all the help guys.