Tire pressure VS. climate change

Well winter is soon approaching and we just had our first snow fall here in Calgary AB Canada and I am wandering if the temperature is going to effect how the air pressure in the tire will stay maintained. Will I have to put more in or take more out? Or just not worry about it

Not maintained, your tire does not become more porous or anything like that, but at lower temperatures the pressure decreases.

So for instance during winter I pump my tire up to 70 psi in the house where I keep it about 68f, because when I go outside where it is 40f my tire will feel more like 60 psi. I can’t say its exactly a 10 psi drop from 68f to 40f but it feels somewhere around that and 60 psi is about where I like to ride on smooth pavement.

Bring a pump with you so you can adjust pressure as you see fit.

If you store your uni indoors there will be a larger decrease in tire pressure in winter than in the summer. I like a softer tire in winter for increased traction and I can get away with it as the snow smoothes out some of the bumps and I rim hits are a bit more cushioned.

What pressure you use is dependent on your preference, style, unicycle type, etc.