Tire Pressure question

I’m starting to try some basic trials/street stuff and I am alright. I have three steps in front of my front door and I can hop up them one at a time and jump down all three at once, but to jump down all three I need to have more air in my tire so I don’t bounce back up as much when I hit the ground and end up moving the pedals and falling, but when I put more air in and make the tire more stiff, it takes away from me being able to jump up the steps or other things. Any suggestions on what I might be able to do or where I should keep the psi? (the tire says 35-50)

There’s been quite a number of threads done on this topic.

Your right it’s easier to jump up with less air (makes it much more bouncy) however if you have a desire to do drops then it would be advisable to beef up the air and just start practicing your hopping with a harder tire.

There’s a good chance that you will damage a rim if the tire bottoms out due to lack of air.

but bounce on a drop is not an issue
…the answer is practice, but if the tire is folding/bottoming out then you do need more pressure.

If your doing a lot of bigger drops when you ride I would advise that you keep enough air in your tire to keep you from bottoming out. Mine is curently at about 18 psi and Ithink I might have to add a little.


But he was talking about the tire rebounding, not bottoming out :roll_eyes:

Let’s not laugh at him, ok folks?

this goes against every fiber of me but okay :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want to go far and fast, pump up the tire as much as possible.
otherwise, let us much air out as possible, without bottoming out or pinching.

I usually start with a little extra air at the start of a ride, since I can do a few drops and then let the air out for the rest of the ride.

yes but you can do good jumps with a hard tire you just have to learn how to compress your tire when you jump

…and to do that you can’t really have it at 90psi, now can you?

i assume you have a maxxis creepy crawler yes? if not the same stuff applys, those measurments are for if you are riding a trials bike, if i were you, i would lower it to about 15 psi. that way you get a soft landing and you can compress easier to hop high.

ewww…tire foldage.

That’d probably make the tire fold…

I’d say go at 18 or 20 and if it folds at that, put more air in. Just make sure that your tire DOES NOT fold and you’ll be fine. The rest is just personal preference, trial and error. For trials and street I like more air and less for flat, but some people are exactly the opposite.

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