Tire options on KH-29

Does anybody use a smooth tire on a KH-29? What are good choices if you remove the knobby tire?

I have been told that a Big Apple won’t fit, but don’t know for sure.



a quick search found these threads. They might be useful.


Find out how sensitive the Big Apple is to road crown. That’s the arcing of the street for rain drainage. Start another thread during the week, that way your likely to get more readers.


Re: Tire options on KH-29

If the 2.35’’ Big Apple wont fit, the 2’’ probably will, I’ve got one on my nimbus 29er, it probably doesn’t give you quite the fly wheel effect of the 2.35’’ but it’s still a good smooth ride.

Thanks Rod.

I went to a 29er because I mostly want to cruise, primarily flat and usually paved. Looking for speed and smoothness right now. I thought about a Coker but decided 29 was as big as I wanted to go. Maybe GUNI some time in the future…

This uni feels BIG after my 24. I think part of that may be the Kenda tire that it comes with–a lot of rotational mass there. My 29 has 150 cranks on it now but I think I’d like to work down to shorter ones. I ride the 24 with 114s.

U-turn had offered to build me a perfect answer to my needs but price became a factor. it was nice of him to contact me though. It was he who advised me that the Big Apple wouldn’t fit on a KH29 and he advised me toward a Hunter frame. Great advice but a bit beyind my reach.

I really appreciate all the advice and sense of community on this board. It is a great group! Thanks for your help too.


I used a Big Apple 2.35 on my KH29XC. It barely fit, and that only after I filed away a mm or so of metal from the fork above the tire. It rode like a dream, but pulled noticeably on any side-slope.

I’ve since replaced the KH29’s stock Kenda tire, and now I get my road smoothness buzz from my new Radial 360 36" tire.

Tire for KH29

Today I looked around and found a pretty good price on a Kenda Kwest 700x28. I expect that will fit my KH-29XC. Sounds like U-turn was on the money when he said a Big Apple was too big. I’ll have to see how the Kwest rides but it looks like it might serve me well–was on sale at Nashbar for $10. Ordered one today.

Next question: Where can I get some 110, 114, or 125 splined cranks to fit the KH-29XC Onza hub? I would like to set this uni up for smooth, level, and speed. The 150s seem too long to get a good spin. I may have to ask this on a new post tomorrow.


Your only choices for shorter cranks for yr KH29 are 140mm and 127mm, both from www.unicycle.com

Hi I see a bunch of posts about KH29 slick tire options from the past, but wondering if anyone has recent info. I am getting a 2012 KH29 for commuting/muni and want a slick for the commute.

This will fit my new KH29 rim right?

Any other options? I’ve heard some people say the tire pulls, but then have seen that that could be due to low air pressure. Any recent experience out there?

Steveyo, which Kenda tire are you riding. I ride a lot of side-slope trail and the big Apple does pull quite a bit. I am currently riding my WTB Stout as a substitute but would like to get something in between.

The BA that UDC sells looks like a 2.0, which I surprised fits the rim. I would think it would be too narrow.

Regardless I’d like to get ideas for alternative commuting tires.

Josh at UDC says to commute on the knobbies, but I hate knobbies on the street.

He has most likely changed tires again since this thread was started back in 2005. I nonetheless commend kahunacohen for resurrecting an (admittedly relevant) old thread instead instead of starting a new one.

Again, listen to Josh. Just put a little extra air pressure in that Ardent and ride it on the street until the knobbies wear down a bit. That is what I’m planning on doing with the new (yet to be released) 36er knobby tire. Pavement eats knobbies fairly quick so it won’t be long. Think of it as shaving weight one revolution at a time.

Having a 26" Oracle for MUni, I started out on my new KH29 using the 125mm hole and with the T-bar in it’s fully extended position to ride pavement when I was on vacation (didn’t have room to pack my 36er {the only real road uni}). I was amazed at how easy the knobby tire rolled on sealed tarmac bike paths. Of course this is coming from a guy who is accustom to pushing a geared 36er but the KH29 is so light and nimble, I could not imagine it set up any other way. Then, when you gravitate more towards MUni (and you will with this set up) you will see how well that wide (47mm) rim spreads out the Ardent at lower pressures. Follow Josh’s advice. He has never steered me wrong. You are going to love your KH29. It is by far the “most fun to ride” unicycle in my stable and a really good choice for somebody who does not (yet) see the need to own multiple unicycles.

So nobody has good experience with the Big Apple on the KH29?

I don’t necessarily want to wear down the knobbies on the Ardent because I want to use it for muni. I can’t see how riding knobbies on the street for a fairly long commute is a great idea. They tend to handle terribly on pavement IMO and waste energy.

I wouldn’t ride mountain bike tires on a road commute on a bike, unless unicycling is different somehow…

you need to specify which rim you are going to get. The Freeride rim is 47mm wide and the XC rim is 38mm wide. If you are planning on using a thinner slick tire and riding primarily on the road, then you might want to consider the XC rim (KHU calls it the “road” rim) with which I have no experience. The Freeride rim (KHU calls it the “Mountain” rim) is what I have and it is awesome on and off road.

I am getting stock, so the 47mm.

BA 2.0 is excellent on the KH29 for road and even light gravel. BA 2.35 would also fit fine on current frames, but has been reported by many as being very susceptible to road crown. As a pure commuter, the Marathon Supreme is probably even better (although I have not tried one).

Edit: I note I have the narrower xc rim.

I have used a BA 2.35 and a marathon supreme. Today I rode in on the BA, which I find is growing on me. I pumped it up to about 40 psi ( I am 175 lb) and it gives a nice ride on the street and on bumpy sidewalks. It is a big volume tire and provides a nice cushion even at this psi.

I have a marathon supreme on a different unicycle and like it for purely street riding. I run it hard and it does not give much cushion. It corners well and is lighter and more nimble than the BA, but you feel every bump.


BA 2.35 for KH 29"

Hi, I have a BA 2.35 on my KH 29, and it fits great, and has no issues at all. Ordered it from Unicycle.com (the tire) Got the KH 29er on eBay, in mint condition, but couldnt tell you what year it is. I run the tire at 50 PSI and ride street. No problems, in fact, I ordered two more for my Redline Monocog 29’er as well, which is my daily city bike.

more info…

I just looked at the above quote, and I believe I have the XC rim, as it has no lightening holes, and still, I have the BA 2.35 mounted to it. With no issues. I suppose that is because nobody told me I cant, so I just did… and it worked. Worked really well, actually !!:slight_smile:

I have a Marathon Supreme on my Nimbus road uni. It is light, efficient and you feel everything. I don’t really love it, I love the SB8 on my KH - just ordered a new one. I’m not into road and distance that much, the tire is all it is meant to be.

Did some one ride the Maxxis Ikon 29x2.2 on a XC 38mm rim ?