tire options for SUN28 inch unicycle

Hello. This is a question about tires and frames for those familiar with SUN unicycles.
I ride a Sun 24 inch unicycle. I dont do any tricks or fancy things with it, I just ride it around for the pleasures of riding. I know the Sun is supposed to be poor quality, but mine has stood up strongly.
I would like to upgrade to the 28 inch Sun that I have seen on eBAY and also at UNICYCLE>COM. I have a question.
Would the frame of the SUN 28 inch be able to handle a better, wider tire than the one it comes with? I am afraid of buying a fatter tire then discovering that it rubs against the inside of the frame.I would like to see what tire options are available for that unicycle if I should get one.
Any one out there have a SUN 28 with a better tire than the one it comes with? (I am not particular about the thread patterns, could be knobbie, could be smooth)

diggin up this old thread, im looking do do the same, any sugestions…


This is a subject I too was very interested, and after searching the forums, I came up with thread from a while back.

Michelin 700cX47c on a Sun

I wonder why no one likes that tire on the Sun.
I really want to get a Coker or a good quality 29er, but my finances, being what they are at the moment are making that option out of reach. These days it looks like the Sun 28er, or nothing (not counting my current 26er, which as enjoyable as it is, does not cut the cheese for real distances.

The Sun has very mixed reviews. Some really think it’s a piece of crap, others report that they are really good, just as good as anything else.