Tire on KH29

I just got a KH29" and the direction arrow on the Kenda is going counter clockwise. Is this correct? Thanks.

If I’m not mistaken, the ‘direction’ of tires has to do with what way water gets flicked off it. And with the speeds unicycles are generally puttering around at, it’s not a big deal which direction you mount your tire. Someone who knows more than me can probably explain in greater detail though.

useually one way will roll better and the other will have better grip.

the arrows should be pointing clock wise. thats the way you will get the most out of your tire

It depends on which side you are looking at the tire from. :slight_smile:

ok from the right side it should be clockwise

The arrow points in the direction of rotation. But for most tires it doesn’t matter too much, and some people have reported, with some tires, that mounting the tire “backwards” on their unicycle made it ride better.

Mounting the tire backwards on my muni made it easier to control, and it seems as though theres less rolling resistance.

Ride it both ways , simply turn the seat around on the same piece of road and decide for yourself. If it rides better in reverse flip the tire on the rim. Don’t ride backwards to much as the pedal will come loose.