Tire marks on floor

Due to a long stretch of wintery weather I want to start practicing my idling in my bathroom. I assume that the tire (hookworm) will leave some marks on the light colored linoleum. How hard are tire marks to clean off a hard floor? I figure some of you indoor guys would know.

It might and it might not. Depends on the floor and what you’re doing. The only way to know is to try. Usually tire marks are easy to clean off, often with the sole of a shoe.

Man you must a hella big bathroom??

There are a lot of tried and true methods of getting scuffs off of vinyl floor, I’ve gotten pretty good at is since my 5.10s leave nasty marks all over the place. People swear by the tennis ball (just rub it on the scuff) I used baking powder mixed with a little water and it took everything off, I was really amazed.

Just call me martha stewart…

paramedic: “Another unicyclist hit his head on the toilet. When will they ever learn?”

I’d like to see this guys house. It boggles the mind how there’s no room you can do this in but the bathroom.

Maybe practicing idling means something else in california??

I have about 8’ by 8’ of space and I have two places that are just the right distance apart to use my arms for side to side balance.

Carpeting everywhere else except Bathroom and Kitchen. I live in a small town so riding options in winter are limited. Also my current skate shoes are not very good in the wet… my last pair were better but they wore out in a very short time.

Wow, that is a big bathroom. Sounds like it will work.

Wrap a length of wide sticky tape around your tire. You’ll not be looking for maximum grip and it takes a few seconds to remove.