Tire help

I am using the WTB nanoraptor tire on my 29" and I think the tire has a slow leak. After about one to two days it goes from 60 psi to 30 psi. I dont know if it is the presto valve or the converter or something that might not be screwed on right… or if the tire just has a slow leak. If it does, should I just get a new tube, or would I also need a new Nanoraptor tire? I am guessing that it would only be the tube that I would have to replace, but maybe there is something wrong with the valve. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with a slow leak that has resulted from something other than a small hole in the tube?

Someone asked a similar question a few weeks ago:


I doubt you’ll need a new tyre but check the old one to make sure there isn’t something sharp in it.