Tire grab-no footed-Body varial?

I don’t know if that is the right name for it. I saw a movie clip where someone does a stand still, grabs the tire, pulls his feet off, and turns 180 and puts his feet back on the pedals.

I want to learn this trick, but i can’t find explainations or the video clip anymore. Anyone know about it?

i heard that all you really need is upper body strength, and you put one hand on the seat and spin yourself around.

Hmmmm I guess I will have to try that. Any other suggestions?

could you post a link to the video?

Thats why i posted…i can’t find the video.

I found the video!!! Finally after alot of looking. Here is the address.

Its in the movie called " 9.1 unicon free-style 2 Mo "

Its about 20 seconds into the video.


I’ve been thinking about a body varial on a uni. Just like a unispin, but the uni stays still and you turn. Anybody done this?

yeah… the one i’ve seen that i think looks nicer you grab the tire in front, and land on the seat when you turn around, not to the side.

edit: on second thought really where you land though is because of the kind of uni. tall freestyle uni - to the side, short trials uni - over the seat/on the seat.

ive done it and i think Dan does it in U2 but its a body variable unispin, it looks wicked.