Tire grab mount with handle

I am looking for my next Uni at the moment I have a 26" and use the tire grab mount , I am hoping to get a touring handle on my next Uni is it possible to use this mount with the handle .

It shouldn’t be an issue, but next time you mount your unicycle with a tire grab just pay attention to where your arm is.

If your arm stays somewhat off to the side of the unicycle and doesn’t cross the center line you will be golden.

What unicycle are you looking to get?

EDIT: depending on how long or high your handle is it might be disconcertingly close to your face or chest during a tire grab mount, but I doubt it will actually get in the way.

Grab mount used to be my only technique on my 26er (which also was my only unicycle) until I put a Q-handle.
The way I set it was making the grab mount very difficult.
But I wasn’t practicing unicycling often.

Later I started to buy other unicycles and to practice way more, starting with a 19er which was impossible to grabmount, so I had to learn freemount.
This was difficult in the first place, Terry’s tutorial videos helped much (Unigeezer), and I can say that it is worth to learn it.
Now I have handlebars on most of my unis and don’t have to “cheat” with grab mount anymore.

The grab mount technique prevents the wheel from rolling backward when your first foot is on the rear pedal and you jump to reach the other pedal.
But if you learn to put zero force on the left pedal the wheel won’t roll while you jump on the uni.
As soon as you stop considering the rear pedal as a stair, you don’t need to grab the tire anymore.

Thanks for the replies , sus cat I’m looking at 29 32 and 36s doing lots of reading would love to ride some bigger unis but living in Perth Aust that’s unlikely as I have not seen one other Uni rider I am in no rush .David