tire for old Torker DX

I just got one of the older 20" Torker DXs off e-bay. It is the black one. It had a 2.125 tire on it. I scraped the sidewall of the tire hopping off some rocks and now it has a nice bulge in the side.

Does anyone know how large of a tire will fit the old Torker DX frame? I’d like to go bigger than 2.125, but I am not sure if a 2.5 will fit. Maybe a 2.25?

Also any suggestions on a good tire for street riding?

i dont know about the older ones, but i own an '06 DX and it came with the 2.5 inch maxxis creepy crawler, i bet yours will fit one too

They don’t really make an actual 2.5 tire for standard BMX rims anyway, it has to be a trials rim. The DX you have is a stanard 20" and will not fit 2.5".

I don’t know about you, but I really like the Kenda K-rad as a street kinda tire. I know they make ithe 24" up to 2.3" width, but I’m not sure about the 20" version. The Kenda Kikzumbut is really cheap ($5 at www.danscomp.com) and a nice smooth tire for street, but it’s not very wide. It would be a more street freestyle tire with a higher pressure.

You shouldn’t be able to do that to the sidewall, you probablly have the pressure too low. Raise it up untill you don’t bottom out the rim on landings.

I used to use a 2.25 tire on my dx 05. So if ou can get like a mongoose 2.25 youl be set. Otherwise your prolly gonna be stuck aroung the 2.1 areas. But the old dx wont take a 2.5 for 2 reasons, the rim is 20in instead of 19, and the frame isnt tall enough…

Thanks for your help. So, if I understand it, trials tires are actually 19", but the 05 DX has a 20" rim. Is it possible to put a trials rim on my DX?

No it is not. The trials rim is 19 inch rim, and the trials tire are also 19 inches, but most of them are called 20s.

The rim and tire you have on your older DX is just the regular 20 inch rim and tire.

I am pretty sure you can fit a 2.3 on there, just check at your LBS and see what the biggest tire is that will fit in it.

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maxxis makes a 20" 2.25 (for a 20" rim, not 19") called “maxx daddy”

If you don’t mind waiting a bit for the tire to come across the pond then you could always get this tire. It is meant as a trials tire for those that don’t have a 19 inch rim, and I think its a damn good tire, although I have heard that the sticky middle part although amazing for natural trials can wear away pretty damn fast on the concrete streets so you may want to pick up two.