Tire for LX

wow. just wow. i’ve had my torker lx for less than a week, and i just came inside from riding because the i popped the tire. actually i think the valve stem broke, so i don’t know if the guy at the bike shop will be able to fix it. when i got it, i filled it up to about 55 psi (min 45 max 70 i think). i didn’t really like the feel of it being so hard when hopping and such, and i might have to order a new tire, maybe a trials tire, because i’m not real big into freestyle. so the trials tire shouldn’t really affect my riding style, and i’d like the feel of it a lot better. plus, i’ve heard the lx hub isn’t very strong, so a trials tire might be a little more forgiving. so, if i end up having to get a new tire, what should i get?

ps- it’s a 20" lx

From what you are saying there is no problem with the tire. It is the tube. Just go to your local bike shop and get a 20 in inner tube for less than 5 dollars. That will solve your problem without you needing to buy a new tire.