Tire for a cheap uni

I’m not done learning yet and I’ve worn out the tire on my learner. I can see the threads. Obviously, I need to get a new tire before I continue practicing, lest I wear through the threads and blow the tube. I am trying to select a replacement, and I want to make sure it will last to the end of my learning process and beyond. This uni is not worth an expensive tire, and I am not ready to buy a better uni yet. I’m not sure what direction I am going to end up going in, and a cheap tire costs less than a good saddle.

I bought my uni used, so I don’t know how old it is or where it was stored. The tire was already bald in one spot, but not down to the threads, so I rotated it before I started learning. The perilously worn part is therefore in a different position than that spot. The tire smells of rubber, which I thought might mean it was newish, but it might just mean it is decomposing or it might mean nothing.

So; I am looking on a certain online retailer’s site. I’ve got a few candidates, and I am wondering if any of you who know more about tires for unicycling than I do can let me know if any of them are poor choices for my intended purpose. By “I am wondering”, I mean to solicit your input. I do hope to pull the trigger on this soon, because my practice is on hold until I get the new tire.

The most obvious route would, of course, be a more or less direct replacement. Based on the premise that the tire design is appropriate for learning to ride to a good level of competence, including turning, on an unevenly paved asphalt driveway. If my problem is that I have been practicing on such pavement using a tire designed only for a gym floor, then perhaps I should choose something different.

The tire I am looking at for that would be something like this:

The listing does say “street”, but, the tread also looks to be as thin as what was on the parts of my tire that haven’t worn down. Is a tire with thread that thin really adequate for road use? It is the same size as that called out on the sidewall of the tire that it is to replace.

Once I learn to ride, I have a couple of possible directions in which I might want to go. I’d like to ride around my neighborhood and up the road to some shops. The area is very hilly. I also might like to have a go at some light offroading in my yard, establishing some trails around the perimeter. It’s not a large yard, but it is very hilly and has a drainage ditch running through it. The idea being to find out whether I am going to want to get into muni or commuting, as the answer to that will feed into what kind of uni I buy when I get a good one.

Looking at the offroad aspect first, I am considering this tire:

It seems like it might be aggressive enough to at least do something with the moderate terrain in my yard, yet it seems like it might offer a smooth and round enough profile to be usable on pavement, though I am not at all sure about the sides in that regard. It does appear to be round enough to allow for steering. These are only guesses based on what I can see in the photo. I know that muni tires wear quickly on pavement due to the soft compound. This product listing says it uses a “Standard” compound, which, I assume, has a specific meaning. This tire is 24 x 1.95, which I assume will fit my uni which has about 1/2" of clearance on the sides and 1" above with a 24 x 1.75 tire. There is no point in getting anything that is too aggressive to be useful with the cheap square-tapered hub and cranks. I looked at

briefly, but it seems like that one is almost certainly going to be too bumpy for pavement.

In case that is a no-go for some reason, I looked further and found this for the road:

It is larger still than the others, but it will still fit, given the dimensions above, right? All of these are to go on the original steel rim. I am looking at it as it appears to be a road tire with significant tread depth, unlike the first one. Not terribly great for offroad, but it ought to last awhile on pavement. At least that’s why I’m looking at it. What concerns me about this one is how flat the profile is. It is my understanding from what reading I have done that a round profile is necessary for steering a unicycle. There is a curve, but I do not know whether it is enough.

These are just 3 that I found on that particular web site in the price range that I am looking at. I am not heavily invested in any of those particular tires or even that site.

The kenda krad is a nice, cheap, heavy, multi purpose tire. It has knobs, but they are small and close together. The rubber on mine is a bit on the hard side, so not the grippiest. The profile is round which helps in the control department. I think you can get it in a couple of widths. I’m pretty sure I have a 1.95.

I bought a K-Rad for my learner uni as well. The tread works well for the street or the dirt. Plus it’s rated up to 65 PSI, which I found helpful for learning to idle.


Alright. The K-Rad looks good for this. Thanks. Now, I just have to wait for it to show up.