Tire difference

I have a 29in unicycle and it had a mountain tire on it. 2.2 inches. I bought another 29in tire that is 2.2 inches and the difference is dramatic. It is so much more difficult to turn on. Are there tires that are better and easier to use on a unicycle or specifically designed for a unicycle?

Mike Adams

Yes. Although better and worse are, as usual, depending on your needs. As for much more difficult to turn: Tire pressure is a huge influence in that.

Only 36" (and I guess 32") tires, almost everything else is from the bike market. And in the case of 19" tires, where there were two attempts of tires by Nimbus (cyko lite, and blizzard) they both turned out to be…well… not a great success.

One more thing I see a lot on facebook and this forum: give setup changes a few rides before you decide to keep it or not. Especially for riders with less experience, any change will often feel bad at first, just because it’s not what you are used too.

Agreed. It may even take more than a few rides. I’m guessing that the old tire turned more easily, and the new tire has more auto-steer, right? I don’t know what your technique is regarding hands-on-the-seat/handle. I would expect a hands-in-the-air rider to prefer a tire that pivots easily. When there is a hand/hands on the seat/handle, the hands overpower the auto-steering tendencies of the tire.

Tire pressure!

I’m just gonna second the comment on tire pressure.

I love a dirt tire for literally all conditions, the only downside being that it’s slower.

HOWEVER a fully inflated dirt tire will steer faster than a mildly underinflated street tire.

I typically ride right around the max PSI on the side of the tire. (even at only 160lbs.)

I keep my 29"er at 55psi or more, but my 24" muni goes as low as 13PSI.

Squeeze the tire. If it has no give at all, that’s a good street pressure. If it’s got some squish, it’s good for offroad, or for beginners

the more I am riding the easier it is becoming. Thank you all.

Mike Adams

I always ride everything at 35PSI and though a road tire turns easier on the road, an offroad tire turns just as easily in the sand.
I believe on road I can make a smaller circle with the 32" uni with road tire than with my Nimbus 29" with offroad tires.

And like dkny says when the tire of my 36" is too soft, it become quite hard to ride it. The harder that tire, the easier it gets to steer.