Tire cracks 36"

I have ridden the 36" Nightrider tire in the past. Only on tarmac. It is a beautiful tire. I have been a low pressure rider. But on tarmac I have in the past increased the tire pressure. I have the last weeks run between 60-65 psi. After every ride I decrease the tire pressure to about 40 psi. When I washed the unicycle i noticed cracks in the tire. Anyone else got this problem? Is 65 psi to much? The tire has rolled only 1500km / 932 miles.

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How old is it???

Only one year

I would send it back … should get a few years out of it at least, regardless of mileage :thinking:

I have cracks all over every part of my nightrider tire. I’ve ridden it for almost a year and a half and I store it outside on the balcony. I figure that is why it’s gotten cracks all over it. A friend of mine says that as long as the cracks don’t reach the threads inside the tire there’s no immediate problem to worry about. I ride at 60 to 65 psi and ride almost daily. I’ve had no problem with the cracks.


My tire has a few months on it, and no sigh of cracks. I keep the tire at 50lbs.

I don’t think that pressure has anything to do with it. If you store a bike outdoors in the sunlight the rubber in the tire degrades from the UV light.

It doesn’t look good but I would not worry about it. The casing under the rubber should not be affected and that is what gives your tire its strength.

Had a Maxis Creepy Crawler on a new KH 20" that did that after a few weeks of ownership. Took it back to my supplier & they ordered me a new tire on warranty and have not had a problem since.

Will have to check out my 36" night rider to see if this is an issue or not with it.

I’ve had a brand new Nightrider tyre explode at 65 psi. Sidewall blew out. It was a 2 hour walk back, so now I don’t run more than 50 psi. I have some cracks in the sidewall of my current Nightrider. I think they have been there since the tyre was new and it hasn’t been a problem. (I also have a Foss lightweight tube and cut-outs in the rim - no problem)

I think this is the answer to my question.
I see no reason why the Nightrider is rated to 65 PSI and a old style Coker button tread tire is rated 32 PSI.
Now I dont run more than 50 PSI on my Nightrider.

I have sent a mail to unicycle.com about the problem but no answer. I store the unicycle dark at 10 degrees so there is no sun light exposed to the tire. To me it looks like the high pressure makes the rubber to crack from the cord.

I have done a couple of thousands km with a pressure of 60 to 65 PSI. No cracks at all.

Well, I have had cracking in tires before, usually it is due to age and exposure to the elements. The problem with a 36er is if it fails while riding on the road, a big failure would mean a big crash.

Like Eric said, the casing is where the structural integrity lies, but if the tire seperates from the bead or some tread breaks loose, causing the wheel to suddenly stop or slow significantly, well you now what will happen.

Also, the tube issues for 36ers are not so good, I have already had one Foss tube fail where the valve broke at the tube. The valve design is a weakness in this tube, so take care of the valve and avoid twisting it when airing up!

I went to tubeless using Stans and a “bolted in” automotive styled valve, so far I have done up to 18" drops off roots and all I got was a tiny burp with no significant pressure loss, so I’m convinced that tublsss is better for a 36er both in terms minimizing sudden pressure loss from a blowout and for reducing friction heat within the tire.

Send UDC pics of your tire, they can handle a warranty without a return, but you only have one year for a warranty replacement.

If that was a car tire, I’d be looking at replacing it…