tire colour?

does anyone know any way to change the colour of a tire? i know you could paint it but i would imagine that would wear away very quickly. so is there some form of rubber die?

yup buy a different tyre colour:D but honestly, my best bet is painting it but it would crack when the tyre was not really hard so it would end up looking like crap:o

Rit fabric dye should work because it works with urethane skateboard wheels, but dont think you can dye something thats already black…

well if i were to die something i would start with a white base most likely as it would show the colour best.

I dont think it’s a good idea to paint a black tire… anyways… whaT’s having your tire another colour then red gonna cahnge something in Muni or trials or street ? and if it’s for freestyle then you can get different colors.

What color do you intend to make it. Cause you can find most colors, unless you are making it multi-colored. That would rock.

Just spray paint the entire uni. Like the ghetto BMXers used to do "back in the da"y. Of course I wasn´t even bourne when “back in the day” was, but well well.

Assuming your tire is 20 inch, you could always try to find vintage BMX tires from the 80’s. We had every color imaginable in those days, even pink and purple! Do a search on Ebay, for “old school BMX”.

What color do you want?

i would like to take a white primo tire and paint the triangles on it so that it comes out looking like a jagged mouth sort of like this, actualy exactly unless i can figure out a better way of doing it.

Whatever you use it has to penetrate the tire fairly deeply, or else you will have to reapply every 3 hours.