tire change on 26- suggestions?

Hey there!

So, I have been riding on my duro wildlife leopard 26x3.0 tire that came with my nimbus 26 muni. I didnt mind the thing, but in all honesty, I would kind of prefer something different. I do a lot of street riding, some packed sand, and some grass/terrain riding. But honestly, I do mainly street riding. I think I want something with a bit harder sidewalls that can handle a good amount of mud/rain but I just want to make sure that whatever I get will fit onto my nimbus rim. any suggestions? (other than the identical arrow line of tires)


as a small update, I also wonder if one could use a less than 3 inch wide tire for the replacement if there isnt anything in the 3 inch wide range that would work especially well?

Hey banjolick, I’m in a similar situation.

My Duro tire is pretty smooth in the center, even with several crank position changes (tire rotation). I’ve ridden mostly pavement.

I picked up a Maxxis Hookworm 26x2.50". It’s rated to 65psi and is supposed to be a more durable compound (harder rubber) than the Duro.

Once the Duro finally gives out I’m putting on the Hookworm.


so, say i picked up a 2.7 inch or a 2.6 i would be okay?

If you have the Nimbus 26" muni rim, it is 42 mm wide, so you can probably run down to a 2" tire with no problems. I’d look at a 2.5, maybe not a downhill tire, so a tire for hardpack that has a low tread height.

Go to you LBS and see what they have in stock. A 2.35 is a little narrow for muni, I have the Arrow Jump tire ina 2.35 and I wish it were wider, esp coming from a 3".

For ex: Intense World Cup or World Cup EXDC, 2.5, sticky center, low tread depth, two ply side walls, still enough meat for muni, narrower overall, stiffer, sticky center for street. Intense tires generally have the stiffest sidewalls.


thanks so much, Ben. I really appreciate the information. I will look into those options. One last querstion: does it make a difference if i get a folding or a beaded tire? I might do a bit of jumping (dont know if it makes a difference) but nothing too intense (curbs, maybe the occasional root on a trail)

btw, the question foldng or beaded was something on my ctrl+v that i didnt see. I meant to ask: if i were looking at a downhill, would you suggest anything, since I go to college in NH so basically any trail I would take would be extremely hilly.

Folding beads tend to be tires that have a softer sidewall, that way they can fold up and be stored easilly, such as use as spares and cheaper to ship.

I’m a fan of stiff walls, got an Intense DH 24 x 3" and love it, but I now ride a 26" which is outfitted with a Duro that I don’t like specifically because of the soft sidewall, but I’m gonna wear it out before getting something beefier. If I were looking for a new muni tire, it would probably be an Intense.

Soft sidewalls tend to fold on camber and off angle landings, so more likely to toss you, flat, or damage your rim. To run the Duro safely I run 18 PSI, but in my INtense I can run 12 PSI.

The bummer about ordering tires is you can’t often seen them before hand, esp DH tires which are not common in LBS. OF course shipping them back is an option, but it usually costs more than it’s worth for the refund.

There’s a muni tire thread on the review page, maybe tere’s something there you’d like. Also check MTBR for tire reviews, esp under DH tires. If they say a tire is stiff, that’s what you want for muni.

Interestingly, the intense tires on the intense website appear to be folding bead. I found some others in the kenda like the navegal and telonix that are wire rather than folding. or maybe even a wtb weirwolf… unless beading tye is irrelevant when it is a brand like the intense… any thoughts?

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well, I decided to order the intense world cup EXDC The only distributer other than the company itself was phattires.com Very good prices, btw. I will tell y’all what I think when I get it on my cycle. :wink: