Tire bead problem

Hey guys. Went to put on my XC tire today (a Kenda SB8) and before I put it on, I notice the ~1/2" strip that’s welded around the bead edge of the tire, has started to peel a bit in one section of the tire on both beads. I’m sure that sounds funky, but hopefully the pics speak for themselves. It’s a folding bead tire if that makes a difference.

Since the bead itself seems okay, and the inside of the tire looks fine, I think I’m good to put it on and ride it, but still not 100% sure.






Could try some rubber cement to stop it from tearing any further. Other than that all I can say is buy good brand tyres.*

*Kenda fans I do respect you however Kenda’s tyres, IMO, aren’t as good as other brands.

I would more or less agree that Kenda isn’t up there with Schwalbe or anything, but it seemed to be an okay tire. It was thin, but it’s a lightweight AT tire, so I wasn’t expecting much.

I didn’t however, expect to see this.

Bad vulcanization, maybe the shop would replace it with a new tire?

How old is it?

I’m thinkin’ it’s time for a Hans :smiley:

I bought it online over a year ago. If I can find some rubber cement lying around I’ll throw it on my rim and see what happens I guess, or keep riding my Dissent for now. Funny, this is the tire on my uni in my avatar/profile pic. Rode it up Ben Lomond, 3600 vert. Good times…

You might be right about the Hans, Ben. Just gotta get the clams man. :roll_eyes: Spent all my cash on the 36, then decide to revamp my Muni.

For my gee-wiz, what’s the real-life width of the Hans at it’s widest point?

Edit: Found some rubber cement and glued it down. I’ll throw it on my rim later and see what happens…