tire and tube sugestions

I havve a torker cx and need to upgrade bad i was on a relly intence, long ride yesterday and the tire and tube blew so i what would be a good durable tire for me?

What kind of riding do you do?

How high did you have the air pressure? What size is your wheel?

Oh well, the stock tire is really cheap.

On my 20 I have this. the 2.25 may be too wide for the frame, but a 2.1" will fit.

trials wich is hard to do on a cx

i dont know

Fly Ruben. www.danscomp.com go look there

Hi i ride a qu-ax cross 20". It still has its stock tire on it. i was wondering that if i got a thicker tire if it would still fit the frame and rim?

That has a 20" rim right (not a 19" trials rim)? The 2.4" Sticky Fingers might fit, but I’m not sure.

The size is marked on the side of the tire.

You should get a pressure gauge. It’ll make it easier to get to your ideal pressure and avoid pinch flats. I got a digital one from an auto parts store for ~$10, it gives measurements in increments of 0.5 psi (I like my MUni low @ 12.5 psi).