Tire and Frame Question

On my Nimbus X, I’ve been wanting less tire and frame clearance lately because of learning standup wheelwalk. I’ve been considering both a Primo 2.1 inch tire instead of the 1.85 I have now, and also a Semcycle Longneck Frame. Do these seem like good choices? I already know I can fit the longneck because I tried UniBrier’s daughter Andrea’s Semcycle Longneck at a Uniques practice I went to. (<< that was a confusing sentance wasn’t it?!?) I’m almost sure that combo would work, although could you guys just clarify real quick that the 2.1 tire would fit with the semcycle longneck frame (just because that frame is so low to the tire)? Thanks!

-Tyler :slight_smile:

Don’t immediatly question your equipment when you can’t do a trick as well as you’d like. I can standup wheel walk pretty well on my uni, which has a 1.95 tire and no longneck frame. I also have a quick-release seatpost clamp which is sometimes in the way, but doesn’t still doesn’t hinder me from doing standup ww.

Longneck forks look cool, but think about it, do you really need one?

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You already know a Primo The Wall 2.1 can fit the in longneck because you tried UniBrier’s daughter Andrea’s Semcycle Longneck at a Uniques practice you went to because that is the very tire on her unicycle. (Just thought I’d try matching your confusing sentence :slight_smile: )

Sorry, but the frame I have now is definitely making it more difficult because of the small crown and the hight of the crown from the tire. It’s not necesarrily the longneck I’m dying for (although that’s a nice addition) but more the better crown.

That’s something I don’t understand about the Nimbus X. Unicycle.com sells it in the “Freestyle Expert” catergory, but I think the Nimbus II frame actually offers much better support, and is also closer to the wheel. The main problem on the Nimbus II frame is the quick-release seat post clamp, which can really cut into your shin when you stand-up wheel walk, if you’re not careful.

I agree with Jonathan. I always spend my $10/week allowance super fast, so I only have $36 in the ol money bin right now, but I’m sure my parents will help me out a bit on that schweet frame. Gawd I love money…errr…unicycles… :smiley:

All the more reason to get a frame like a CoughtorkerlxCough

The Sem Longneck + Primo The Wall 2.1 are an awesome combination; that’s mine and I have built them for customers.

I have a primo the wall 2.1 and sem longneck frame coming in the next four days. I just wanted to say how giddy it makes me to see people declaring how awesome it is.


the Sem crowns are really small compared to the Torker LX or DX frames. the torker crowns are really compfy and dont stab the bottom of your foot when you stand on them.

the tyre clearance on a Sem long neck with a Wall Tyre is good but still the Torker crown and a Wall Tyre are about a quarter inch closer.

i need a long neck Torker LX

heres a pic of the crown on my long sold Sem long neck and The Wall Tyre for you to stare at.

skin crown2.jpg

Ok, I think I’ll stick with the tire I’ve got for now, but I’m definitely saving up for that beautiful sem longneck. It’s funny my dad thinks it’s like buying a whole new cycle!!! lol Only 30 more dollars to go!!! :smiley:

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Oops, I just found out that this frame has a smaller seat post than both my Torker LX saddle or my Velo KH, so what do I do? I would like to keep the saddles I’ve got and just get a different seatpost, so where can I get that? Does UDC have them because I didn’t see them there? Thanks.

EDIT: The Semcycle Longneck frame has a 22.2 mm seatpost.


my Nimbus came with a 22.2 mm seatpost.
So UDC must carry them.

humm humm (22.22222. seatpost )


I see that the GB4 (2nd one) will only fit my Torker seat, so will the United (1st one) fit my Velo KH seat?

I think the GB4 will fit both you seats. beacuse otherwise it wouldn´t be called “universal” right?

but i could be wrong.