Tire and Crank needed at CMW

As you all know, I live in Hawaii. In less then a week, that’s going to change, as I will be moving to San Jose, California. It turns out that the timing couldn’t be better. I will be there just in time for the California MUni Weekend. In order to fit my MUni in my suitcase, I have removed the already mostly dead tire. Now, do any of you people going to CMW have a spare 24x3" MUni tire you can part with? I guess I’d like to get a Arrow Savage or some other cheap tire because I’m a bit strapped for cash. If you have a tire you can part with, please post here or PM me.

Currently, my MUni has some cheap steel cranks. The cranks are off of an Aviener and I don’t imagine they will last very much longer. I was planning on ordering some BE’s, but uni.com is out. So again, if any of you are going to CMW and have a spare set of 150mm cranks, I might be interested in buying them.

One last thing. It looks like I will be driving from San Jose to CMW. If any of you need a ride from San Jose and are willing to chip in for gas, just ask.



Come on, there must be somebody who is going from San Jose and needs a ride. I also wouldn’t mind getting a ride from someone coming from San Jose.

I have a new Gazz 24x3 and may have some stock Coker 150’s also. I got a deal on the tire and can let you have it for $45-$50.

As for CMW, I plan to drive myself up early Thursday from Santa Cruz, which is on the coast side from San Jose. I am coming back on Sunday. If that works for you, then maybe we can carpool. Also, Rob Bowman is going up very early Friday morning and returning Sunday. You may be able to ride w/him.

Send me an email.

I just emailed you at the address on your website.