Tire advice for muni.

I am new the sport of muni. I have an oracle disc and it came with a wildlife leopard. It is big and heavy. I changed it for a lighter holyroller 2.4. The weight difference is massive. But… On roads with a camber it tracks downhill which makes riding on road much more difficult than with the leopard. On flat roads it is fine. Any wise words for best tire choice. I have usually 1/2mile to 1 mile to access trails.

Advice on tire pressures/ tires - Trying 15psi to 25 psi. I am 145lb.

Riding on roads with a camber…



I had been asking the same questions. I found most of the answers here.

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Thanks for that link. It was the whole tracking on a road camber that was the main problem. My uni keeps aiming towards the gutter when the road is cambered.

I recommend getting a miniature tire pump and carry it with you. For road riding you will want much higher pressure (more like the rated pressure on the tire) than muni.

I have a Holy Roller on my 26", and find it a good road/off-road tire. But there are compromises, and it doesn’t excel at either. It definitely needs higher pressure when road riding. (Road camber is an issue with most tires. Some more than others.)

I recently started using a Specialized Big Roller on my 24" (I have a review in the thread previously mentioned), and it’s a pretty good dual-use tire. Since the knobs are smaller than the Duro’s, it does much better on paved roads. But it is somewhat susceptible to road camber. (I find the Duro does pretty well on paved surfaces also, if you pump it up high enough.)

Don’t discount the Duro just because it’s heavy, though. After a couple weeks on the Big Roller, I’m thinking about going back to the Duro. The Big Roller is way lighter, which is great for the long uphill grades, but it really follows the path of least resistance, and you really have to concentrate on your line. The Duro has so much momentum and stiffness, you just point it where you want to go, and it just goes there. You don’t really have to fight with it. With the Big Roller I find myself turning and stepping off in rough places I would have just plowed through on the Duro.
(Keep in mind I’m a very mediocre rider, so your mileage will vary. My opinion only!)

Great advice - thanks. Pumped the tire up and it was much better on the road. Springy off road. I’ve got a little co2 pump which works really well from mountain biking. Your are right about the duro - it will just plow through stuff. The holy roller is way more twitchy.

Yes, if you run the same high pressure off road as you do on, you’ll likely find yourself bounced right off the uni when you get to big bumps. :astonished: