tirck list

I am trying find 50+ tricks to learn. So far I am working on these.

  1. Riding
  2. Riding backward
  3. Riding seat in front
  4. Riding seat in back
  5. Seat on side
  6. Stomach on seat
  7. Chin on seat
  8. 1 foot
  9. side saddle
  10. hop
  11. turn
  12. wheel walk
  13. gliding
  14. drag seat
  15. idle
  16. hop twist 180
  17. pirouette
  18. 180 unispin
  19. rolling mount
  20. side mount
  21. stepover mount
  22. reverse mount
  23. jump mount
  24. suicide mount
  25. kick up
  26. rolling mount
  27. jump mount wheel walk
  28. push up mount
  29. grind
  30. hop on wheel
  31. seat push
  32. shifty
  33. crankflip
  34. footplant
  35. wallplant
  36. crank crawl

if you know more that’d be great.

lol! 10. hop 11. turn and 15. idle!? turn and idle should be in top five but what ever what about treflip, sexchange, stand up wwing, 1foot wwing, and unispins?

fithflip donky kick you mised almost all the flip tricks

Welcome to the great sport of unicycling! One more of us, one less of them!

As for your list of tricks, I’m not sure what a crannk crawl is or a push up mount. You’ll probably want to add no-footers, hickflips, backflips, 360 unispins, 540 unispins, fifthflips, sidespins, coasting, standup gliding, and 180 body varials, just for a start. Plus lots of flatland- legwraps, doublelegwraps, and seatwraps for starters. There are really too many tricks to list, and you’ll also want to work on skills rather than tricks. For instance, you might like trials, although hopping height, tucking, and riding skinnies aren’t really “tricks”. Also hopping up/down stair sets, etc. And don’t forget Muni, too. There is much more to unicycling than just adding to the list of tricks you can do. Good luck!