any tips on riding backwards and sif riding

Basicly you just need to practice. Go out and ride.

SIF riding seems tough because of the two “dead zones” in your pedaling revolution. Make sure you don’t put too much force on the downstroke of either pedal or you just fall over. The other idea is to form a stiff triangle shape made up of your arms, the seat and frame, and your body as the sides. This should help stabilize a bit at first. I only learned to ride SIF a couple of months ago and don’t do many trials/freestyle tricks atm so this might not help for you but if you catch my drift on that stuff above it may help a bit.

If you are afriad of going backwards try just jogging backwards around the block, it might help.

As for sif just practice and at first hold it firmly against your body to help stabilize yourself.

I’m trying to learn to go backward right now too. So far I can make it about 5 revolutions. The way you get started is by leaning forward when first getting started but after a half revolution lean back up and try to balance. Also it helps if your holding on to something and if your on a hill, go down it.

I’ve been riding a unicycle for 28 years. Needless to say, I’m a little reluctant to begin major tricks, but I would like to learn how to go backwards. I think the whole leaning backwards is what gets to me, you have to lean forward to go forward, so it makes sense leaning back to go backwards.

Sorry if this is annoying:

Tip 1: Spell out the question or topic in the subject line. Full sentences are best. Your topic suggested you were the one offering tips…

Tip 2: Search. Lots of info already out there. Did you look for any of it?

Tip 3: For backwards, mostly you gut it out. Hold onto a fence or similar, like you did when learning to ride forward. For SIF, Learn to ride while sitting on the very back of the seat, then while holding it against you, etc. Work your way gradually to where only your hand holds the seat.

Tip 4: Search some more for the rest of Tip 3!

For SIF try to start by holding the seat close to your body. For riding backwards try to start idleing and the roll in to it and just keep practicing.

i am pretty decent at riding SIF as far as hopping and dropping… but everytime i do something even moderatly large, i smash my knees on the frame… should i make any adjustments to seat hight, cranklegth or are there just tips of keeping my knees from smashing my frame?.. becasue i want to ride SIF but it hurts for a couple days after i do.

spread your legs, as bad as that sounds.

i usually ride my uni slightly pidgeon toed anyways.

ok so this thread was kinda lost… but ill bring it back from the dead. i dont hit my knees anymore, but i cant really get any hop height when i ride SIF. I try to hold the seat against my body, but it still feels very unstable, and i can hop higher with SI. Should i just practice or is there anything else to keep in mind? thanks a lot for any help.

I’m learning to ride backwards now

I first learned to idle with my left foot low. I wish I could do it with my right low, but that is still kinds weak. I learned this sitting in my living room watching movies and stuff.

Once I could sorta idle, I found a park with a really long sidewalk with a 4’ high fence. Idle next to it, and then just start pedaling backwards. The fence handhold is a great help, as it saves a lot of effort I would have to use getting back on otherwise. I’m still not very good, my record is about 50’ between fence holds, but it gets easier each afternoon I try.

In a way, riding backwards is sorta like changing your idle down foot in a sequence. I am sure if I could idle right foot as well as I do left, the backwards riding would come quicker. But I am inpatient and want to try it now !:slight_smile:

for backwords i just practiced, practiced, practiced until i finally succeeded. i can ride pretty decent, but cant turn to well going backwords, but i can ride down steps backwords so that is cool! i learned idleing/backwords at the same time, and i didnt use a fence and just got progressivly better. its all about the time you put in.

I will echo what was said earlier, you need to learn to idle first and then as you idle try to do 1 revolution backwards then forwards again and keep trying to go back more revolutions and it will get easier