I’ve been unicycling for awhile now. I just got a new trials uni and I need some tips.
how full do you fill up your tire for trials?
how do I get started jumping up things? Any tips?

thanks in advance!

Hi Finn,

Welcome to the international forum!

You will find several topics about trial technique using the search function.
However, going to YouTube, you will find trial tutorials that can be helpful (like the unicycle top 10 easiest tricks).

Freestyle and Trial may be mixed up in some videos but they help a lot if you have a hard time to visualize explanation in a forum thread.

Tire pressure will depend on your weight and technique.
Starts with 15 psi for example and keep an eye on your rim. If you feel like its bottoming out, add some more pressure. Otherwise, you may have some room. Don’t worry too much about the ideal pressure, it will be your lack of skills that will limit your in the beginning :smiley:

Post in the correct section of this forum, and more people might help you, the “video” section is for well…Videos. Thanks. (Maybe an admin can move this?)

Low pressure?

No problem. If it’s too low you will “hit rim/fall” during a sharp twist type turn. So, then you will figure out your limit. Also, check when dropping off curbs. I’m assuming since you got a “trials” your doing tricks. Keep on.

I don’t know what level you are, but here are some recommendations, starting easy…


  • Learn to ride holding onto the grab handle with one hand.
  • Learn to ride into a sudden stop with the cranks parallel at the 3:00 and 9:00 positions (I recommend this same technique for learning to idle).
  • Static mount on thick grass or some surface which inhibits the wheel from rolling; keep a hand on the grab handle, and make a quick hop after mounting.
  • Focus on riding with your feet positioned on the pedals closer to the toes; this will help your coordination while jumping.
  • Practice hopping in the street, without special focus on how high you're hopping, before attempting to jump onto things.
  • Be prepared to fall. [/LIST]

    Good luck, and welcome to the forum.