tips on seat drags?

I’ve been working on seat drags and when I pedal the wheel just flops over to one side or the other. Any ways to keep it from doing this?

just as any trick, you must practice a lot.

Try starting between 2 things with the seat already on the ground, and learn just as if you were re learning unicycling. Once you have that down, you can work on dropping the seat while riding.


at first I found it almsot impossible. after some practise, I can usually get about 9 or 10 revs.

I really only tried em about a year ago. I just thought hey I’ve never done seat drags and droped it. I think just getting comfortable with sif and then dropping the seat is all it takes. and I never ride sif.

people say that you need to be good at sif riding becasue that helps you put the right amount of pressure on the pedals.