tips on learning to go backwards

Like regular idling except you get to wear a cape. :slight_smile: (here)

It could be that your pedaling stroke is supple enough to avoid the trouble with the steel cranks but not with 7000-series Al, while mine is so crude that it happens no matter what. Who knows?

I’ve found btw that after a while I’ve gotten to where I can tell that a pedal is loose from the sound it makes when I UPD and drop it. It doesn’t sound like it’s all one piece when a pedal is loose, maybe sort of like how baseball players can tell if they have a cracked bat.

A unicycle frame with a built-in holder for those tools would be slick. And a lot more practical than a quick-release seat clamp like the one on my Sun, which I have to loosen and re-tighten to straighten out the seat every time it hits the ground.