Tips on Jumping

how do you jump up on to high oblects

you practice w/ low objects and over a long period of time you get to high objects

no u go for the biggest at the begining so then instead of going up the ladder u start at the top

Theres a few ways to jump onto a high object, or any object at that, SIF, Static, and rolling.

SIF. Seat-in-front hopping, is when you are riding with your seat in front (DUH!) then when you find an object you wish to jump on, approach it, and when you jump onto it, tuck the uni into you, by using your legs and pulling on the saddle, with a pre-hop you can jump extremely high.

Static. You keep the seat between your legs, go up to an object, and hop onto it, try to tuck the uni as much as possable while you jump, a lower seat help with height on this one.

Rolling. Rolling hops are a very effective way to jump on things, its like a static hop, but your moving while doing it, so you wanna make suer your jumping with the pedals in the position you like to jump at, tuck in as much as possable, and kinda whip the wheel in fornt of you when you do it.

Go to for better descriptions and guides. =p

i agree with jerrick except for that you can do static sif hops too. and the static hop mentioned above is acctually just seat in hop.


Thanks Guys i appreciate the help

Jumping while moving?

Should you be able to jump with pedals in any direction< because i can only jump when my pedals are horozontal and that makes it hard for me to jump when i am the perfect distance from the object i want to jump on

You should practice being able to do little hops in any pedal direction, but that’s really only good for Muni.

I can jump with either foot forward, its a good thing to learn, but I primarily jump with my left foot forward, so on some things I want to jump on, you gotta go up to where your gonna jump, ride backwards to get a good run, then pedal to the object, then your pedals will be at the right position for a good rolling hop. You can also do a 180, then ride to where your gonna turn around, do another 180, then ride to the object your gonna jump.

my 2.5 cents

Keep working on little objects and work up to bigger ones. Also, at least when you’re learning doing a brief standstill followed by a good size prehop before your jump will usually get you some extra height. Above all, keep practicing.:slight_smile:

when u get ur feet in the right position, just before u jump push down on the tyre and that will get u good rebound but u have to make sure ur tyre is the right pressure for that i like to keep mine at around 25psi