tips on grinding

hey i just mastered doing crank grabs and stuff and was looking to try grinding has anyone here got any tips that might help me?


hey…im sure if you look in the forums there has already got to be about 20 threads on grinding with tips and stuff so look there.

good luck with the grinding,


I just learnt to grind, its pretty easy to do simple benches etc.
The problem I found was gettting it slippery enough, so make sure you have wax. Then basically I just rode up with speed and rolling hopped into a crank grab, the momentum carries you into a grind. Once you get used to the moving-while-not-pedalling movement (usually after 1-2 grinds) you’ve got it.
There are heaps better, longer and more advanced tips for grind on mine and Andrews site -

im doing a grinding tutorial in my video that comes out soon.


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