Tips on gliding?

I’m trying to learn how to glide, i have a 20’’ torker with no crown to rest my foot on. Please don’t tell me it’s impossible I’ve heard it too many times.

You don’t need a crown to glide.

Do the usual: Learn to wheel walk and then learn to 1-foot wheel walk.

when i attempt gliding (not very often) i get going pretty good, then i go into one foot riding and speed up a whole bunch, then just take my one foot off the pedal and hang on. when learning to wheel walk i found i could glide very short distances, braking with my foot when i got going too fast.

I learned the standard progression from wheelwalk to one-foot wheelwalk, and from there you have short glides. None of my glides are any further than 5 or so feet, but I can see that I’m progressing.

That’s probably the best way to learn, but I have heard of someone who went straight from one-foot riding into gliding.

Sorry that I don’t have any real tips, but as soon as I figure something out that really helps me, I’ll be sure to post it.

glinding and coasts need to be at fast speed ?
im trying to learn too.

how do you go about learning to wheel walking?..and i can’t one foot ride either

'nuff said.