Tips on gliding

anyone to any tips on how to glide, how long does it usually take?

thanks, keep it wheel.

it helps if you can already coast…

Also try riding one footed, then bringing the other foot up to the frame and putting small amounts of pressure onto the tyre to keep adjusting your balance

im gonna kick you in the teeth with a ski boot, i taught you how to ride but im also amazed that that could actually work. thanks owen. still gonna hurt you though.

Practice one-foot WW, then, once you get profecient at that, let the tire slip from you ever now and then, then just try to glide, using your foot to apply pressure when needed, also learning how to regular WW helps =p

Tom, you didnt teach me how to rie, you let me borrow your unicyclle for like 2 minutes, told me to stare at the tyre for balance and i didnt go anywhere at all. I taught myself

well if u wanna get technical i did teach u for the first hour of ur unicycling life as such. i didnt tell u to look at the wheel i sed look straight ahead and i also gave u like 10 or so good pointers some of which where gary land’s and andrew carters so if u say their crap ur way over ur head.

keep it wheel.

actually no, we werent there for an hour, about half an hour, you told me too look just above the wheel, and you gave me two other pointers, none of which are actually useful in unicycling. Tom, get over yourself

well i remember there were 2 days spend outside the gap bike shop and yes those tips were off gary land’s website. and so i figure those were pretty useful tips, u even said so urself, i am over myself, r u.

does it really matter like really.

Back to gliding
where should your balance be?


Also, when riding along one footed, is it important how fast the other foot makes contact with the wheel? Does it need to be fast or over time does it not matter?


when riding one footed your foot should never touch the wheel it will jsut throw you off balance.

well it needs to touch it at some point, I suppose what you are saying is that the contact should be minimal.


yea pretty much.

iam starting to one footed ww

i already learned that you have to make a good push on the tire and control making pressure on it… when its starts to stop its time to another big push

iam not proeficient on that.