Tips on getting the bead even on my coker

I HATE the button tire now that I’m so used to the TA, and so I decided to take the TA off my radial and use it on my new Coker Big One.

It’s supposed to fit and it seems to but I can’t get the bead even! I keep deflating it and tapping it, thumping it, working with it, and I make sure the tube is in there right-and it is.

So when the pressure is low enough for me to adjust the bead and get it even, it still ends up UNeven after I pump it up! Any ideas? Will riding it at a slightly lower psi, like maybe 20-28 psi help to seat the tire evenly?

Hey Terry, the one and only time that I installed a Coker tire, I pumped it up to a higher pressure than the recommended pressure. Don’t remember the number now. By doing that, the tire seated itself properly. This was with one of the tight fitting coker tires on the slightly larger Airfoil rim.

The LBS did the same thing when putting on my Wheel TA tire on my old 36…they pumped up the tube to about 45-50psi slowly and then deflated it and did that a few times. They also had some tool that clasps the tire and allowed them to set the bead a bit better.

Increase PSI one pump at a time and give it a few seconds inbetween. it’s like waiting for water to boil.

Do what One on One says, leave it overnight, deflate, do again, etc. And if that doesn’t work, just go riding and don’t worry about it. JC and I–well JC–changed tires on my 36er right before Uninam, and I never did get the bead even. And it still isn’t even, but it did just fine in fairly rigorous tour conditions.

Life’s too short to sweat over a bead job.

Thanks guys for all the tips! :smiley:

Put some lube on it

As the title says, put some lube on it. Some of the guys in Nam had this problem and I suggested shampoo from the hotel kit in an emergency. Guess what? It worked. Also check the rim tape as it has a habit of climbing onto the higher rim section. The higher section of the rim needs to be smooth without rim tape so if this has happened take the rim tape off, clean the rim, put some new tape on, then the preferred lube and inflate like crazy till the tyre seats home.
Good luck

YEah when I first put the tire on I did use some sudsy water to lube the rim. The problem seems to be that the reason the bead is higher in one area then the rest of the tire, is because the TUBE is “herniated” in that very section! I took out the tube, pumped it up and low and behold, it was quite a bit larger in one area. I guess it’s a tubve issue.:frowning: