tips on doing si unispins

title pretty much says it. i can 1spin and 3spin both rolling and static, but i have to do them from sif and they just don’t look as good imo. so first off, what are some recommended hand positions for both 1 and 3 spins from si? and second, is it best to learn them static or learn them rolling?

ps. i did search and the only thread i found was in german :confused:

The trick for me for 1spins SI to Seat out, was to roll the seat against my leg.

I hold the handle on the opposite side of the arm I’m holding it with, and when I jump I pull it against the leg, so the leg spins it. Then land on pedals.

For seat out to in, I use both hands because I’m not that great at it, but there isn’t much to it. Just timing and practice.

ok i can do from sif to si reasonably well on both, and i think i get what you’re saying about using your leg. especially because my biggest problem has been trying to avoid my leg, now i know how to use it to my advantage

The other little thing that I thought of was, that when you pull the seat forward, and then pull it back, because all the weight is at the back it naturally wants to spin to face the other way, so that will help too.

That bit of flick that your leg can add will definitely help though.

I think because I use my leg so much it helps me for sidespins too, because I’m almost closer to side spins than regular 360’s.

What hand do you hold the handle with? Which direction do you do your unispins?

If the answer is the same to both of these questions, then all you need to do is practice. You will get it. Just keep in mind where the uni is and keep it under you…or stay over it… which ever train of thought helps more.

If your answer was different to the two questions… good luck, get ready for the long haul, haha. A good place to start would be by practicing blind 1 and 3 spins.

I unispin to the left and hold the handle with my right hand, so in-in/full out spins are super tough for me. However I found out spins, even though they were blind for me, fairly easy.