tips on choosing pedals

Okay guys, I am officially “hooked on UNI” and wanting to learn more flatland/trials tricks. UDC had a sale going on, so I just purchased the Nimbus Blizzard Trials UNI for $245 brand new. Seems like an awesome deal and it is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

I have a question. What type of pedals do most of the top level flatland competitors use? Is it different from what the top level urban trials riders prefer? I have been using the DX MUNI pedals on my trainer which have awesome grip, but I’m wondering if it might actually be better to have a little less grip when doing flatland tricks. Is there a consensus on this among experienced riders? Should I just keep the pedals that come with the Blizzard or should I use the DX MUNI pedals? Thanks.

You’re really going to want less grip. Odyssey twisted PC pedals seem to be the most popular among top level flat riders, but the Qu-Ax ones have recently become more prominent. Also, I wouldn’t personally recommend the Blizzard unicycle, it’s pretty heavy. To start though, I’m sure that won’t make a huge difference.

Thanks for the response. So far I have been hopping on an Avenir DLX and a 24-inch Nimbus MUNI, so its got to be lighter than either of those… :wink:

BTW, not sure what you mean by heavy and what you are comparing it to, but it looks like the weight of the Impact Gravity and the KH20 is about the same as the Nimbus Blizzard (all approximately 11.5 lbs). Anyway, I’m not trying to win any contests at the age of 41, so I don’t think .5 lbs will make or break me. :smiley:

twisted pcs are great for flat!

Odyssey Twisted Pc pedals would be a great choice. A lot of riders use them. I wrote a review on them here: