Tips on big drops?


I’ve been riding unicycle’s for about 15 years now, and had not tried any tricks etc till about a month ago, when I rode along a 3ft wall with a slope off it. I thought that was quite fun, so have since gone to hopping up walls, hopping off them, 180-ing off walls, and riding 1 footed along walls.

I now find big drops quite appealing, so I am building up a trials unicycle. I was teaching kids unicycling at the local youth centre, about a week ago, and there was a 5.5ft mini ramp in there, so I had a go at droppin in on it, which went well. When up on the top of the ramp I thought it’d be fun to hop off the edge of it, so I did. It was fun, I didn’t land it, and I only got two attempts at it as I twisted my cranks on the second attempt.

Any tips for landing big drops, lol, other than practise?


you must do it SEAT OUT

When you land, try to immediately roll out of it. You don’t want to land and just stop dead. This is why drops with a small downhill at the landing are usually easier.

Try to absorb the impact with your legs, and then bend at the waste to spread the impact out through all of your body, in.stead of being concentrated at one spot…

I completely disagree. I would never do anything over about 5 feet or so seat out. I’ve done about 7 feet seat in.

Seat out is too unstable for me with impacts like that. Especially for someone who may not be as good at SIF trials techniques, like Fraggle may be.

anks for drops

I’ve been wondering what the limit for different types of cranks are (e.g. freestyle, MUni, trials). in other words, how big can I go before I need to shell out the cash for new cranks?

i second the motion.

Which cranks do you have?

Pretty much anything that’s splined should hold up to most any drops. Square taper hub/cranks are much, much easier to damage. I’d say anything higher then about… 4 feet could easily kill square taper cranks.

Although it does depend entirely on your drop technique. If you land nicely, roll out to absorb the impact, it’ll be easier on everything.

Forrest is pretty much spot on.

I’ve done 7’ish seat in, and 6’ish seat out.

I think that seat in is a lot easier to land and roll out of, but if you are a good enough rider seat out works too.

For landing things seat in you have to roll out immediately, and pretty much suck up the rest of the impact using your body.

My chin is usually quite close to my tire when I do a significant drop.

I hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:

AHhhh i hate SIF drops, whenever I do anything bigger than 2 foot seat out I almost always hurt my ankle somehow someway.

Seat out definitely puts less stress on the uni to break the drop by crouching singnificantly

It really depends.

Mostly, on how well you can roll out, and also how good you are at seat in or out.

Personally, I would much much much rather have a broken unicycle than a broken unicycler, so I do what I am more comfortable with… seat in.


SI for big drops, definitely. Much more stable and easier to roll out. Start doing SIF for 6’ drops you’ll be smacking your face on the saddle!

Ha, I rode with you today! I’m fairly sure it was you! The kid with the freestyle uni doing small trials on the wood blocks you found in the corner. Lol. Fun fun!

Haha. In complete disregard to the thread subject, please disregard this post all if you chose, its irrelavent to the thread.

Lol, yeah it killed mine, luckily I have a few sets of crank arms spare. I was on my freestyle unicycle, so i slammed the seat to get it out of the way, and let the tyre down a tad so the landing wasnt so harsh on my legs.

Cheers guys, i’ll keep it all in mind when my trials uni is built up.

Iv’e bent two sets of cotterless cranks from doing drops. I don’t really want to spend a lot of cash buying a new unicycle because it’s got splined cranks though.

It’ll save money in the future. Give me a set of cotterless and i can rip em to shreds in seconds from doing trials. I love my quax hub/cranks, although it wobbles a bit.

You should get some HQ pictures and video of the cranks and hub, taking apart, together, and moving.

Im sure we could help you with that wobble.

Will do, i’ll get right now it, i have nother better to do actually.

yeah, that was me. I will never again go to a uni event without a fat-tire too! :angry:

if you second the motion some one might lose there second ball