Tips for tricks down stair sets?

Hey guys, u was just curious what input you guys can give me about doing tricks down stair sets. I know I can land in the pedals after flipping/spinning (ive practiced 180 jump mounts off 5 sets) but the problem is the take off. Every time I try to roll and jump down while doing a unispin of sorts, I can keep the pedals from rotating which makes it impossible to land.

Any input? Thanks!

Not to sound lame, but my tip is to protect your brain and other body parts. Tricks down stair sets warrant those kinds of smarts as much as nearly any type of riding I can think of!

Doing unispins off of stairs is very difficult because in order to clear the stairs you have to ride at them fast, which makes it hard to stop the cranks from flipping. My advice would be to practise riding fast and trying to unispin as far as possible on flat ground. This way you can get a feel for it before trying it off of the stairs.

When I do spins down a drop, I have to do them late to not flip the pedals… But I dont really do tricks down stair sets bigger than 2 stairs… I’m a lot more into Trials riding than street riding :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s my tip though, try to do it late! :smiley:

Whenever I tried to get distance with my outspins the cranks always moved a tad too much, I just learned how to incorporate the crankflip into the trick :roll_eyes:

Probably not the solution your after, but hey, it’s still a solution. Keep in mind though that I can’t do regular unispins down more than 2 stairs yet so my advice might not be the greatest.