Tips for Speed

Lots of advice on set up… I wont go there. Good stuff.

Advice on riding.
You need to reduce the up down movement, you need to get your feet to flow around in circles. To do this you need to relax! relax lots, and what will happen is that you will reduce the weight on your feet and apply even pressure all the way around the rotation. If you are uncomforatable on the unicycle you wont get much speed up. I wont say that short cranks will speed you up over a centuary, it may, but it may not… if you are uncomfortable you will wear yourself out fighting the unicycle (short cranks are good for your body though as well though as they reduce knee problems and rubbing on the seat).
What I find is that on the flat when you are relaxed you will find that you can do 16mph and you will hardly need to do any pushing on the pedals, it just happens.
I hope that helps, Good luck.