Tips for rolling drops, please.

I’d like to add rolling drops to my skill stable, and would appreciate any words of wisdom. What do you think is critical for adding good horizontal travel to a drop (like jumping down stairs, etc).



Re: Tips for rolling drops, please.

Pedalling forwards?


Phil, just me

It’s really easy just start little and move bigger just remember to stop pedaling in the air and not to freak out 2 inches from the drop.
that’s my 2 cents
-Jonathan Ware-

Ya, incremental learning is a good thing; however, I was hoping for specific advice regarding technique- keep arm extended, pull in on the sadle like so, etc. Especialy those aspects that proficient riders find key.

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[B](the following is a test of UTC1)

i would suggest landing with your crankarms at 10 and 4 o’clock with the dom foot being forward(of coarse)then roll out

i stopped landing at 9 and 3,it was to much ouch for me.then i went to 10 and 4.i am now trying to land at 11 and 5 o’clock.lean back a little more upon landing than your used to,then push on the forward pedal to get the roll.

(this concludes UTC1 cooradinated UniVersal rollout time.)[/B]

i used to always land with my feet at 9 and 3 but now i just make sure that there not at 12 and 6.

it is easiry to jump forward when youre feet are level. just before you actualy get to the edge, i used to do this untill my jumps gradualy got more fluid and i could land and take off in just about any pedal position.

oh and joking aside it does help if you put your arm out for balance and pull the seat up so that the unicycle stays in contact with your feet.