Tips for one-footed riding

While I’m waiting for a new set of cranks to replace my stripped out left crank I figured I’d take the lemons dealt to me and try to learn to ride one footed. I figured out one foot idling almost immediately, and from there I’ve been starting in an idle then when I feel balanced I pedal really hard and go for it. After two days of 3-4 hours of practice a day I’ve had some limited success… a four or five 7-10 pedal rides, but I feel like I’m progressing really slowly in comparison to other skills I’ve learned (like riding backwards). Once I get going I can usually do at least 3-4 pedals, but I feel like nine times out of ten I can’t even get the wheel around once before crashing. Is there anything in particular that helped out when you were learning to ride one-footed? I only have one functional crank so I can’t use the ride normally then take a foot off method. Also, unfortunately the left crank is the one that stripped so I’m learning on my non-dominant leg.

the way you’rstarting is one of the reasons your having rouble. it’s really hard to get the needed momentum to ride one footed from a one footed idle. it is possible but not as easy as riding and then switching to one foot, but since you dont have a second crank the way your doing is fine. yor progress might be a lil slowe bu you’ll ge it soon enough, another thing tht might help is starting on an incline, it’ll help you get the momentum you need.

Learning one-footed with one crank must be annoying. Practice wheel-walking instead.

I’d disagree. I learnt one-foot riding from one-foot idling because I couldn’t for the life of me start out the ‘normal’ way where you lift up your foot mid-cycle and try to stay on the uni.

What I did to get momentum was to start out beside a wall and when my pedal position’s optimal, I’d go for it AND push myself from the wall so I can move faster. Also, you might want to push your resting foot against the frame and use it as leverage for your next pedal. A lot of times when learning, I’d lose my balance because that foot on the frame loses grip and causes me to sway a little and tip over.

Good luck. And you could try wheelwalking too :slight_smile:

When trying to ride one footed, I get fall once my left crank (the one with my foot on it) reaches the dead spot, or once it is pointed down. I can seem to let up on the pressure enough for the crank to point up, then pedal downwards again to get the crank to point down.

yeah…it’s really confusing and frustrating

OK, from the way i read this (i could be wrong as i cant 1foot yet) maybe you dont have enough speed/momentum to keep going?
Try going a bit faster and see how you go???

Yeah, It’s really important to have a lot of momentum, at least to learn. I was lucky enough that the street outside my house is a really slight incline, just enough to keep me going while I learned.

i actualy found it easier on a slight uphill!!!:smiley:

I would suggest learning to ride 1-footed before trying to transition from 1ft idling to riding…

hmm 2 days of 3-4 hours and you havn’t gotten it??
i learned 1 footed riding in about 2 hours…

EDIT: (well, not really an edit…) have you gotten it yet? your post was yesterday…

EDIT EDIT: well, you’ve obviously gotten it by now, it was 11 days ago…

well I haven’t perfected it but it’s certainly going alot better than my original post. I also haven’t been able to keep up with that amount of practice due, but I’m up to a max of 15 revolutions and I can consistantly go 5-10 revolutions. Two things really helped, trying on a slight incline (riding downhill) and riding on pavement as opposed to my dirt/gravel driveway. My cranks just arrived and 24 hours after I loctite the pedals tomorrow, I’ll be riding again with both pedals :slight_smile: On an side note, I may have at least temporarily switched dominant feet in my week of one footed idling, starting or idling with the left foot down feels really awkward now haha.