Tips for drops

There are some drops in my park about 1.5 ft high and i cant land them. Are there any tips you have for drops? I can do a drop about 8 inches high, but after that, im done =/

What happens after 8 inches? Does the uni shoot out from under you, or what?

Ive only tried to drop like 4ft but all i do it bend my knees when I land to take the impact.

yea what he said.

you pretty much just gotta go for it, it’s all in your mind

It is probably easier to practice hopping off of the drop rather than rolling off. Also if you find the you are getting bucked off of the seat you could lower it while practicing.

Keep your upper body loose so its momentum doesn’t cease at the same time as the rest of your body and unicycle.

i think everyone so far has missed a very important part of taking drops…learn to roll out. learning it now while you’re still doing small(ish) drops will make it much easier a thing to remember to do when you start taking larger drops, plus it will save your uni a lot of wear and tear. start by hopping on the edge of whichever ledge you plan on dropping off of. have the drop to your dominant hopping side, suck it up and jump off the ledge and take the drop. however don’t just drop off sideways, in the air right after you take off turn 90 degrees so that you facing forward when you land. use the little bit of momentum you gained jumping off the ledge and lean forward when you hit the ground. as soon as you land and start leaning forward begin to pedal. this way you’ll hit the ground and already have forward momentum to help you balance.

sounds complicated, but it’s easy to learn once you break it down and start trying it.