tips for crankflips, crankflip stalls

i was wondering if anyone has any tips. especially when stalling i find it hard to get the flip down, and in general, what do you focus on to get the flip and stick it?

ive been having this same problem with crankflip to grinds.

what you need to do is keep the uni as upright as possible, to do this you need to jump, then split seconds after this flip it…

if you are trying it rolling, you need to try to stop jumping forward and just jump striaght up.

its hard. good luck… practice

learn to do crankspins with very light loads on your feet, then try crank flips, thats how i learned

what the hell is a crank spin???

WOW, ryan dosnt know what a crankspin is!

a crank spin is wher you rotate your wheel with your feet on the padals, fro instance a 180 cranks spin is where you either hop or jump off something and spin your wheel 180.

then theres 360/540 and so on.


a crank flip is when the wheel rotates 360 degrees with your feet off the pedals, a rev is when the wheel rotates with feet on the pedals

Ryan doesn’t know. Ryan doesn’t need to know. Ryan just does.


you can do 180 crank flips!

a rev and spin are the same thing

you can but they look stupid

and everyone i’ve talked to calls them revs

crankspin eh… so that’s what it’s called. is that the “official” term now?

oh and thanks alex and others for the tips.

ok… only you so far called them crankspins…

half ones are called revs…

i call full ones either rewinds or fast forwards… i think they sound better than full revs…

and dude… no wonder he dont know what your talking about… they were always revs… or full revs…

When you do crankflips, do you have to air the uni? I can do a rolling no footer and the uni just rolls under me and by the time i land the wheel has flipped. Does this count as a crankflip or is it something else?

It sounds like your just coasting.You have to be in the air to crankflip.

no, i jump up but the uni is still on the ground. sorry

huh… i think that rolling one is originally how i got to trying stalls with crankflips and stuff a long time ago. i guess technically it’s similar to a crankflip but just not as cool, and it kind of fails to work itself into street like an air trick would.

Free flips

Rolling crankflips. Also understakeboarding terms, pressure flips. Crankflip, you air, the uni doesn’t, it rolls. Flip happens but uni never leaves ground. Cool trick, picked it up about 3 days ago. Thought i was the only one, guess not. Oh well. Not that hard if you can crankflip. I give you props for learning them first befroe crankflips. Crankflips to grind tricky as hell, can’t do them yet, but close. Stall hmmm. I guess it would just be slower moving so you dont’ fall foward. But yeah. Also rewinds (full back revs) I like it, i call Rotators (full foward revs) Any half measurement, just state half or 1 and a half, lol. But yeah, i’m out.
-Shaun Johanneson

that sounds pretty cool, and sounds like you invented a new trick. I dunno what you’d call it, a rolling crankflip…?

would it be easier to learn an air crankflip or a rolling crankflip first?

that rolling… pressure flip… wouldnt be that cool… never seen it done but why bother? you cant go up or down anything? the uni doesnt come off the ground…

well, hmmm. what i can do in the region of crank flip things is the stalled crank spin. crank grab, then shift weight and feet so that the wheel rotates 180, then back, then hop off.
for a right side crank grab i transfer my weight like this. right foot only, both feet equally(while spinning cranks), right foot only. (then reverse). happy landings. Nick

that’s the thing, no real point to the “rolling crankflip”… however, if you were going to do it and then jump straight to some kind of wheelwalk or to hopping on the tire that would be cool. really cool.